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  1. XXXVI Congress of ESCRS, Vienna, Austria, September 2018
  2. XXXV Congress of ESCRS, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2017
  3. 40th Anniversary Congress of UKISCRS, London, UK, October 2016
  4. XXXIV Congress of ESCRS, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2016,
  5. 20th ESCRS Winter Meeting, Athens, Greece, February 2016
  6. 19th ESCRS Winter Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, February 2015
  7. XXXII Congress of the ESCRS, London, UK, September 2014
  8. RCOphth Annual Congress, Liverpool, UK, May 2013
  9. IX Aegean Cornea Meeting, Kos, Greece, July 2008.
  10. Winter ESCRS, Athens, Greece, February 2007
  11. Annual Congress, ESCRS, London, September 2006
  12. Annual Congress, The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Manchester. May 11-13, 2004
  13. European Conference on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Edinburgh, Scotland. 19-20 May 2003
  14. SERI-ARVO 2003. 1ST Annual Congress, Singapore, February 9th 2003
  15. The Oxford Ophthalmological Congress. Oxford, July 3-5, 2002
  16. Gloucestershire Alumni Meeting. Cheltenham Film Studios. June 29th, 2002
  17. ARVO 2002 Annual Congress. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. May 5th-10th, 2002
  18. 6th Nottingham Symposium, Nottingham University. Nottingham, January 25th 2002
  19. EVER 2001 Annual Congress. Alicante, Spain, October 10-14, 2001
  20. Oxford Alumni, Updates in Ophthalmology. St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. Dec 11th 2000.
  21. The 2nd Clinical Governance training course; The Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. September 25-26, 2000.
  22. The Oxford Ophthalmological Congress. Oxford, July 3-5, 2000.
  23. Seminar: The Medical Treatment of Glaucoma in the 21st Century. The Randolph Hotel, Oxford. June 22, 2000.
  24. Annual Meeting of the Midlands Ophthalmological Society, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. May 2000.
  25. The 1st Hippocratian International Symposium on Retina-Macula-Vitreous, Glyphada Athens, Greece, September 17-19, 1999.


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Dimitri Kazakos is passionate about eye surgery. He is a top cataract, lens and laser eye surgeon, with a proven track record of excellent results. Through a very comprehensive range of refractive procedures and with the use of latest modern technology, Dimitri is able to offer to his patients the most suitable treatment for their eyes.