In the recent years the popularity of corrective eye surgery has risen dramatically and in some quarters there is the perception that the industry has created a cultural shift so that both laser eye surgery and refractive lens exchange have become or been treated as commodities. Social engineering may have taken place and all prospective patients have to be made aware of some basic facts. This day and age there are no excuses for people to claim:

  • I wasn’t able to find information about my surgery on anywhere,
  • I didn’t know that this side-effect or that risk could have happened.
  • If I knew I could develop dry eyes, glare, floaters … or other side-effect,
  • I may still need to use reading glasses after surgery,
  • I would need a re-operation … you name it ,,, I would never have had the surgery!!!

Obviously it is easy with hindsight to claim this. That is why it is very important when you make your decision for surgery to consider what if this was to happen to me … what if I was that patient of 1%, could I be prepared to live with that?

Many of those seeking information about LES and other refractive surgeries believe that by “doing your homework” and finding a “good doctor,” complications can be avoided. This is simply untrue. Complications strike rich and poor, famous and common, showing that even where the resources exist to obtain care from the best, most prestigious doctors in the world it is a matter of time until thinks go wrong. What is important is that:

  • you are well informed and best prepared about your surgery and
  • your surgeon is committed to honestly inform you and help you in any way possible to resolve part or all of the problems arisen.

Dimitri Kazakos is passionate about eye surgery. He is a top cataract, lens and laser eye surgeon, with a proven track record of excellent results. Through a very comprehensive range of refractive procedures and with the use of latest modern technology, Dimitri is able to offer to his patients the most suitable treatment for their eyes.